Concept of Floor Lamps

The floor lamps are basically the lamps that are kept on the floor. They do not hang from anywhere. They actually stand on the floor. The designer floor lamps available in the market are of diverse types with different types of materials used for manufacturing process. The floor lamps are typically useful for reading and studying purposes where the light is required to be near the user. These lamps provide perfect light for these functions. Different varieties of lamps are available and of different materials.

Designer Floor Lamps

Features of the Lamps

If you consider the features, the lamps are extremely alluring. The designer floor lamps are made of various materials which are as follows:

Aluminum and Steel


Hand woven Fabric

Textured Fabric


These lamps are specifically designed to get that attractive finish. Some of the lamps have one bulb slot and others have two or three depending on the design. The bulb does not come with the lamps and they have to be purchased externally. Different varieties of bulbs can be used which includes CFL, LED and incandescent as per the convenience of the user. The installation is also quite simple. A bulb needs to be inserted into the holder and the chord needs to be plugged into an electric socket and there it becomes ready to use.

Designer Floor Lamps

Costs and Availability

The designer floor lamps are readily available in the market due to the constant increase in the demand for the product. The floor lamps are very useful so the demand in the market is very high. Most importantly the cost of these designer lamps is very much affordable. The prices vary according as the quality and design of the products. The simple lamps cost less whereas the designer and the stylish lamps cost more.